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Mobile Medical Collaboration

Created by Health Care Professionals
Connect with any colleague, anywhere, in real-time.

Join Our Peer-to-Peer Platform
Free. Simple. HIPAA compliant. EMR-Independent.

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Why Coltrain

Healthcare professionals are underserved and disconnected when it comes to collaboration for patient care. We’ve had patients lose their lives as a direct result of our inability to connect effectively with our colleagues.


Healthcare is a team sport, and we want every HCP to perform at their highest level to achieve the best for their patients and themselves. While financially stretched healthcare systems focus on faxes, pagers, and dated EMRs, we’re focused on you.


Coltrain brings modern, mobile collaboration solutions directly to HCPs to enable team-based clinical care, no matter where you live and work.

Our Goal is Simple

Create a common healthcare platform, eliminate redundancies, and harness resources at the point of care. Put the power into the hands of HCPs. Save time, save lives.


Peer-to-Peer Platform

Securely deliver team-based care with your colleagues on a common, free platform. Anywhere, any time.



Invite colleagues to cases directly from the Coltrain address book. Expand your network. Simply connect.



Participants added on the fly can view entire case discussion history. Unlock the power

of the team.



Invite, diagnose and treat in a few steps with patient-centered cases. Barrier Free.

Save time, save lives.

"I shared the Coltrain App with colleagues in Yonkers, response to COVID-19 Pandemic…Our team communicated on critical patient needs and care plans, decision-making and treatment plans.

Coltrain is making our profession and ultimately patient care better."

JR, PA-C, Wenatchee, WA

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