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Our Values


Eliminate barriers for healthcare professionals to provide access anywhere at any time.


Integrate modern tech and evolve to make healthcare professionals better.


Platform for progress through products that enhance health equity.


We respect the difficulty of your job, the strain it takes to deliver great patient care, and the trouble you go through to do it right. The platform is acknowledgment of your efforts as a health care professional.

Our Mission, Vision and Purpose

At the Cutting Edge of Team-Based Collaboration



Make medical collaboration
a best practice



Bridge the digital
divide to save time,
save lives



Harness HCP-relevant
content at the
point of care



Better healthcare
professionals, best care

Use Cases

Wichita ECMO

Taking care of patients in various forms of shock and respiratory failure involves a multidisciplinary team, skilled in each aspect of simply keeping a patient alive. This problem was more acute with COVID-19, which quickly ravaged the respiratory system and required quick decisions and rapid care.


In Wichita, Sanjay used Coltrain to integrate every member of the shock team to connect quickly, effectively, and with the patient front and center. From rural ER doctors to the surgical team receiving the patients, Sanjay was able to get everyone on the same page in real time, allowing seamless ECMO decision support at the point of care. Lives saved with Coltrain.


Wenatchee MI Care

When a patient presented to the ER with an ST elevation myocardial infarction, an ER physician used Coltrain to connect with Gautam and an interventional cardiologist instantly to determine the next best steps. Using Coltrain, and avoiding pagers, scanners, and fax machines, Gautam’s team was able to streamline workflow, reduce steps, and get the patient’s blockage open at least 15 minutes faster than usual care, reducing the patient’s mortality by 15%. More lives saved with Coltrain.


A PA Travels to Yonkers…

Joel is a physician assistant in Washington. During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, he traveled to Yonkers, NY to assist in a struggling, underserved community ravaged by the then-deadly virus. He arrived to find he was working with numerous HCPs from all over the country, and communication was a challenge.


Using Coltrain, he was able to coordinate care and securely communicate with a community of providers he had just met, but were integral to successful patient care during his time in Yonkers. Coltrain enabled Joel to create an instant clinical community, focused on delivering excellent team-based care and saving lives.

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